Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 9:42 PM


#INSTANICKI Nicki of course LOVES her Instagram account obiously proving her wrong when she said

Instagram is a waste of my time!
She's clearly an addict but we are all happy for that because of course we can see our favorite icon daily! So Nicki took instagram to share these pictures below. We can see that Nicki clearly has "STACKS" and she clearly has at least $25,000 stuffed in her purse. Another Picture shows her on her "G4 or G5" stating
Can't wait to hear the song I just wrote on this jet!
So because she said it, it must be true! Nicki Also has the pictures with Lil Wayne saying
My Baby
and last one for now, an article stating her album, Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded breaking the British Charts! (Pictures/Links Below)

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