Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 8:32 PM

me rapping as nicki 2

It's Me i'm the harajuku barbie , big pent house and a pink ferari
WAIT ?! u say ur a hater but teamnicki t-shirts is what u tryin'2 sell
yes everything is pink and my wig as well
i'm every mans dream big boobs , big ass i'm everything what them bum bitches wan be
thats why all tha dudes wanna smash me
them bitches acting big but ur really this small
i think tonight is ur dude i'm gonna call haha
yes me and drake are gettin' marry today
u heard it in our song thats all i have 2 say
and it's me that u gonna have 2 pay
if u can't pay me u can do tha dishes or
u can swim the fishes
cuz i don't play no games
i'm so hot it's like ur serounded by flames
HOLD UP ! this not about u it's my day
that's why i call it pink friday

#teamnicki HOE!

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