Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 7:50 PM

'Bout my mann

I'm seriously so sick of them crooks bragging bout there money
and how they love my looks.
But i want a man ,who can understand the true meaning of love
whos my right hand
but i find you and finally you became my boo
You're the one that i can call when my soul is in need
He's the one when i'm going crazy when i need some weed
I roll with him and he rolls with me
he's my right hand , he's the only one that i can trust
when i have nobody , while them bitches wanna stab me
but lets get 2 the point i love you with my heart and soul
cuz of you im not whining on that pole
and my love for you is never gonna end ur my man
till we got wings and fly again
i'm so high sky bitch no fuckin airplane
Baby you know me i'm a love-atic
and i tek tek tek that ass , i think you like it
You're not an ass sweeper ur my sidekick
we lean , we mean and we make alot a green

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