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Nicki Minaj and Women Want to Be a Good Mother

Los Angeles: Nicki Minaj expressed her desire to be a complete woman. Seem to desire the singer of 'Va Va Voom' is indeed truly comes from his heart. He wants to be a good mother and wife.

"I prayed. Lord, I know you see. I wanted to be a mom someday. I also want to be a nurturing parent my children with love," he said as reported by The Sun, Friday (07/12/2013) .

Nicki Minaj was also hoping to find the right guy as a life companion. Furthermore, Nicki also says that women should be independent and formidable figure. "Men are more like independent women, not women who are dependent on others. So, women, you do not have to impress a man with the physical," he said.

However, Nicki Minaj also denies the women are also physically very supportive to attract men. However cared for him like a pet care is the most effective tips.

"Sometimes, the physical is also required. Yet the main man wants to be loved like taking care of a pet," he concluded.

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