Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 5:23 PM

My Dream of Dancing W| Nicki

Omggg I had a dream I was at Pink Friday tour..... So I'm sitting in the V.I.P room BY MYSELF.. listening to music & I STARTED DANCING... & @SCAFFBEEZY sneaked up on me WATCHING; Den i turned around and saw @SCAFFBEEZY & da vaks... they dead bussed out laughing cuz I JUMPED when I saw dem,.. So Sb Was like " U wanna dance for tonight's show?? " and pulled out a COSTUME like Nicki's BG's dancer... I STARTEDD CRYING!!!! He told me to go get dress; and when I turned left... Nicki was right there with her ARMS OPEN Like.. " Hiiiii PBK baby " I CRIED EVEN MORE! So Nicki's BG dancers taught me the dance... and they were impressed about how FAST I learned their ROUTINES... Then next thing u know I WAS ON STAGE with Nicki for the Pink Friday tour... omgggg I WAS SOOOO HAPPYYYYY but unfortunately it was a DREAM :(

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