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heeeyyy guise, im soooooooo sorry i didnt post last night ..its because i spend the night over yanni house last night (my bestfriend) because i was really pissed off at my farther for not letting me go to fridays with my brother & i just came home from skool all hyped ready to go & start my wonderful weekend (i thought) but he said NO all because its was raining oooooooooo like im scared of the rain but ,i know that wasnt the only reason why he said no .he also said no because he still see me as a lil girl .he dont want me to grow up to see the it because its scary out there?i cant handle it out dere because what?im young & small? idk but,he has to let me go some day .i have to learn & make mistakes..i know im his lil girl & or as he call me ..his lil princess� thats my nickname btw but,srsly ,im tired of him trying to hold me back from doing waht i want to do,from seeing this big magical done with all of that .im 15 ...& i cant even do wat 15 yrs old do & cant spend my money the way i want to spend it my money!! if anything happens to my money .its my proble..let me learn on my own & make my own choices & mistakes ...just beacuse your old & cant handle the rain doesnt me i cant ....that really fucked up my whole plan for the weekend ..i was suppose to go out to eat with my brother .just me & him on friday then go shopping on saturday then sunday i was suppose to sleep & study all day cause my finals are next week & i have to be ready & pass....sooooo i went to my bestfriend house & spend the night LMCOOOOO!! oh yea gusie ,i thought my mother was going to say no cause....(cant say) but yanni got wat she got but she got my mother to say yes idk how she did it but..she did it ..anyway yea my mood just changes when im with her .im sooo happy around her ...she everything to me mother,sis,bestfriend,(boyfriend) ahahahahahhahaha ! ikr...she will always be there for me ..we been friends ever since ...well imma say ever since i moved down here& she aint go know where ...wen ever im around my friends i they make me believe in myself & make me have confident..*shrugs* idk why..but i fell alsleep on her last night ..i was soooo tired..probably from staying out late *shrugs* idk

anywayss..we talked to my bestfriend last night ..yes i have a major crush on him!!!�����
ok stop asking!! me!! let me telll you why ...imma just say this ..i know he will always be there for me � imma just say dat LOL..but foreal im very comfortable around him sometimes nervous ..but last night he was acting rude & it pissed me off!!! yes i get jealous if i see him close to another girl ..but i know im not with him so i have to let it go but anyway he was with his friends & his friends brung some girls over & im happy he wasnt with them but he have to say "i call you back" & hang up like that but im happy he called me first today to gimme his new number & we tlked a lil bit but we aint like we used to be ..we to be on the phone all night ,hang out all the time at his house ..but that changed when ...NVM

anyway yanni made this video immating nicki video to high school LOL the barbzz will love it ..oh & i went shopping today ....ok im gettting tired sooo imma go ..imma write tomorrow afternooon when i get back from fridays with my wonderful big brother

*kiseses* � goodnight have a blessedT sleep..i guess ahaha say your prayers !!

  1. femalebossidgaf avatar

    On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 6:18 AM, femalebossidgaf said:

    No problem :)

  2. Girls love Nicki avatar

    On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 5:58 AM, Girls love Nicki said:

    awww ♥ thanx for reading

  3. femalebossidgaf avatar

    On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 5:32 AM, femalebossidgaf said:

    Aww thats like me and my best friend :) I always go to his house and hangout!

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