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Good Afternoon my darlings , i just came back from a wonderful lunch with my big brother .we went to t.g.i.f fridays & yeeeesssssssss it was fantastico i had fried shrimps w/ fries , mozzarella sticks & a strawberry lemonade slushy � yuuummmmmmyyyyy & let me tell you it went right through me ahahahahahah!! ewwwwwww irk but, damn im tired now i was sleeping on the bus like a crackhead my brother said hahaha ....but ,im home now & bout to take off these flaps..they are killing my feet ..dont yall hate waiting for the bus ?

but anyways guys before all this happened .my brother woke me up mad early (reminding you i got no sleep last night ..i was to busy watching ...yea you know but anywhore ..i didnt go to sleep untiiiillll around 6 or 7 imma say... & he woke me up around 8 or 9 but, i kept dozing back off to sleep .you know how your sooooo sleeply you dont want to get up but you do ? ...but anyways i woke up feeling #BlessedT & confident about myself & free & myself no one can ruined this day & especially if you wake up too a blog by Nicki & twerk ..yeeessssss hunty chile � no but foreal tho (i hate blogging when im tired) but that woman nicki is a gift yo me sent from the angles above ..shes perfect ,shes...everthing i ever needed in life ...she brings me to life !!! & i feel sooo blessed to be a barb

i talked to one of my babies today ..& she been thinking about me lately yeeeessss in that way bews. yall can get yall head in the gutter LBS but i been thinking about her lately to & even tho i dont consider myself bi cause i dont date girls ,first of all i LOVE girls��� but...i just cant date them smh mhm its to much drama even tho i love arguing with them (i just noticed that today) its sooooo sexy & fun but annoying at the same time..but i think girls are speacial & should be treated with respect & loyalty ..& delinquenty ..ladies dont ever let a man make you fell low or let them disrecspectful you yall are so magical..soft skin red lips so kissable ,hard to resins soo touchable to good to deny it..strong, beautiful & POWERFUL #girlpower rawr *sits here & eat* but, yeeess i like girls & will have ..sexual intercourse with them (SEX is a word to big for yall ears) but im just having fun for to young to be settling down with a man/boy ..imma just live my life to the fullest...but anyways yall say im bi but i dont cause i never will date a girl...but if i am or anybody else is dont ever force to come out..let them come out & say something when theyre ready ..cause thats bullying & pressure ..& that will make them depressed & maybe even confused ...

dont ever judge anybody i hate that this world is full with judgemental people & i hate it when people dont want to talk to me cause they think im going to judge them .like nooooo im not that type of person im a lover not a fighter but i will fight for what i love can come & talk to me about anything & everything & i will tell u the truth...i dont see why people lie cause if you lie .you have to make up another lie just to cover up that one & then it will be lie after lie after lie after lie & we wont ever figer out the truth..the truth will set you free

i really miss my nieces & my sisters.even tho my brother dont go with netta no more....i love kiki & nyiah ..they are my heart & my soul ...i treat them like sisters..even tho they are just to girls that walked in my life as a blessing they are my life ..i will killl somebody over them ..i think yall dont understand how obseesed i am with them & im in love with them ..i love babies ..they are soo adorable & cute & cuddlely ..there laughter fills the world & smile...idk maybe i will see them this weeken or wenever my sis get her act right...& dont get me started on shyanne ..that girl is my fucking twin we are just alike..i swear she will remind you of me .we like all the same things & are interested in the same stuff except shes not a freak or like girls me that girl is straighter then a line ..oh yea , my sis made my day when we talked said "you got me cheesen..i got a nig smile on my face" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! jhvdjvhdgcjsghdfsygujahgcuydfchvdjhgcusgfhjvbhjcgdyuvgfhjdbcygd that was fucking everything!!!i love her very fucking much � i could talk to both of my sisters about anything & everything ..*shrugs* *sigh* maybe i will see the kids his weeknd or wenever life ..nvm

but what im trying to say children is letting go isnt about giving up, its about accepting there are things that just cant be .dont let someone become a priority in your life ..when your just an option in theirs.dont let anybody change you. if your not changeing for yourself dont change at all..change for the good not for the bad ..there comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the drama & the people who create it & surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus soley on the good .after all life is too short to be happy �

ok peeps i have to about to talk to my babies jasmine & lil jasmin, cici & maybe bri & listen to music & make a couple of phone ..& study later for my exams this week..wish me luck ..

*kisses & hugs* have a blessed night

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