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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GVDHJVJHGCGCXHGJAGSJHVHVCDHSUHDIUGFDGCJDFGUJHJKDHCUDHFBVCGHDJBVCGHDVCHJBCGCDJJBCNVJHDBHJBCJHDVHD CHJGCDBHCJDHDUISDHGSCVHSVCHSVCHG !!! OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! MB VIDEO WAS DOPE THEY SLAAAAAAYYYYEDDDt THAT MOTHERFUCKING was sooo ...adorable & cute *gushes*uughhhh!! it was soo sweet & romantic & just .....everything.& the dance break down was like *gasp* PERFECT ..i love them sooo much ..& after that video ..i fell in love with them even more was the best video so far..cant wait for the tour when they have thier shirts off *dies* even tho cant go:'((((((((( i got youtube & atleast i already saw them twice last summer ..*sigh* they grow up soo fast ..cant stop looking at that video tho >>>>>>>>> it gave me life & butterflies *giggles*

anyway my honey bunches of oats..i had a ...great day actually a amazing day ..i past my english final !! & i think im acully going to past my health final too eeeeeeepp im so proud of myself but, i still got this whole week to test in my other claases soo wish me luck...& i always got tutoring too so i wont have to go to summer school...S/O to da da for doing my french braid today (i think thats whats it called) i loved it mmuuahh! ..your going to have to do it again tomorrow

listen up children! i want to talk to you about dreams & today on twitter this girl i love soooo mush @Nickiimiraa was tweeting that she cant wait to become a singer/rapper & meet her queen ,excuse me i mean..our quenn nicki & she wish time can go by soo she can be 17/18 & start her career & that just gave me sooo much life ..i freaking love her tweets..but you should never rush to grow up takes alot of hard work & dedication to get to where your going & its going to take time..dont worry god has you..just put your faith in his hands & he will lead the way but,i just love how shes not scared to speak her & tell her dreams to the world & she knows what she wants in life & will not let those haterz push you away from wat she wants..she is kinda making me confuse of waht i want idk if i want to be a rapper/singer or just a singer *shrugs* idk...its watwver life take me plans : A)singer B)dancer C)actor D)tv show E)perfessional cheerleader F)lawyer & maybe a fashion designer too..but, thank you for your tweets @Nickiimiraa muuahhh!.. i want to be something like nicki when i grow up.successful & being loyal to my fans & i want the world to hear what i have to say & show people who im really am & not giving a fuck in the world.. i want people to respect me & not judge me ...i want to win awards & sing & maybe rap

the moral of the story my lil lady bugs..dont have stop believeing in yourself & dont care what other people say or do...find your thing & do you..dont let people tell you ; you cant cause you can..follow your dreams..dont be scared to put your trust & faith in gods hand aint about finding yourself its about creating strong now because things will get better it might be stormy now but it cant rain forever..nothing lasts forever so live it up ,drink it down laugh it off avoid the bullshit , take chances & never have regrets , because at one point , everything you did was exactly waht you wanted..dont be pushed by your problem be led by your dreams

*kisses my lil smoothies goodnight & tell them i love them & hugs them tight*

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    On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 3:16 AM, Girls love Nicki said:

    i want to inspire other people

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