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hi my hot jucuzzies i had a ..alright day today mmhh..oh yea i pasted my english exams with a "B' ahhhhhhh!!! yayy! im soo proud of myself!..i just got a few more tests to do this week & then im done ...pretty little liars was on point actually scares me..who else whatches PLL?..anyway i watched twisted yesterday for the first time & its BOMB.COM...defintly watching it next week & after that & after that && get the point.....but ,i wanna talk to yall today about the boys in my school are fucking jerks then they wanna know why they single now i mean.....they do dumb & uneccassary shit & disrecspect girls ..why?..we may never know ..but you have to stay strong & not let any boy bring you down ...see thats the main reason why i like girls now when i was a lil girl i use to get picked on alot by boys & teased ..they called me all types of name ..& that pushed me away from boys ..thats why i thing all boys are the same exsept one boy ..he was my everything he protected me & cared for me ..he was my bestfriend & boyfriend all in one..& i know i was young but the feeling was real..the love was real.i usedto always go over his house & his farther loved me to..we had a nice relationship ..but then he moved away or i left..i really dont remember ..but i was real young & dumb...i let him kiss my cousin right in front of me in the hallway..why? idk...cause i was too scared to kiss him...i was young ..i wasnt ready..but i was ready for sex tho..smh the things i did with girls & the thing i almost did with a boy ..smh..yes yall i almost made a stupid mistake with a boy...lucky his sister walked in on us ..or it would of with girls i had two best friends you can say & i use to like to little stuff with them with my clothes on but ,with one of them things got real..i let her play with my pussay..i wouldnt call it fingering cause she really never went in side of me..but anyway i also almost got raped by this boy i used to like ..he live around the corner from me ..hes actually my bestfriend /crush brother & i was around ther hanging out with my bestfriend & his ex girlfriend & my phone was dead soo i asked my bf to go downstairs for me to charge it & he didnt soo his brother took it down stairs to charge it for me & came back with something in his hand & said it was a piece to my phone but,it was a condom but,i didnt know ..but my bf said it was but,i thought it wasnt & i went down stairs to the basement not knowing his mother wasnt home& checked my phone then i heard him a door lock & he cam in the room with just his under wear on & just looked at me smileing & i tried to get away but he pushed me on the bed trying to take off my pants but,i was kicking him & i was on my period too & when i told him he still tried too turn me around my fighting with him & my phone was going .it was my bf & his ex girlfriend calling me & then they came in the room in the basement ..also when i was in maryland with my aunt & uncle uncle sexually harrasted me ..idk if he called me downstairs or if i just went down there but when i went downstairs to the seems like everything happens to me in the basement.thats why i dont like them or dont want to go down there..anyway he was cleaning up & he asked me can he do something & i said yes..& then he put his hands in my pants & asked me can he play with it & i said no & ran upstarirs & started crying while my aunt came in & asked me was wrong & told her i wanted to go home..but,i been homesick for a while soo been wanting to go home but,that situatuion made me want to go home more & he didnt evn act like he cared like..he didnt know wat was going on..sooo the next day i called my mother while they was in kitchen..& told her waht happened & asked can she come get me & said she was coming..i think she the same day or the next day but ...wen we was on our way back home on the bus to NJ she asked me did he really do dat or was lieing to go home & i said he really did dat & she believed me & i just found out that he did the same thing to my mother when she was lil.& she told me not to tell my aunt about this cause she will be heartbroken....but everytime i see my uncle & the boy i gotta act like nothing happened & i still get flashbacks & feel depreesed over it ..thats why i love my bestfriend soo much,,cause he was there for me through everthing even when my brother got jumped he huggedd me & tlked to & cared for me

listen my gummy bears, please do not rush too have SEX ..your worth waiting on .when the time is right it will happen..& please dont let anybody pressure you into having sex & dont let no man or woman touch you in the wrong spot..stay away from strangers gyals!! please use protection if you are having sex ..your life is to precious & priceless to waste it on any boy..dont be scared to go buy condoms..i know its uncomfortable buying them in public but,would you rather be uncomfortable for a couple mins or the rest of your lifes?..there are too many diseases spreading around to be having unprotective sex..boys come & go..youll find the right one ;one day..dont let someone become a priority in your life...when you are just an option in theirs.being single doesnt mean you know nothing about love.sometimes,its wiser to be alone than with the wrong person.

*kisses my hotties & tell them i love them & to be safe out dere in the world*

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    On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 3:30 AM, Nicki_Zolanski said:

    I LOVE YOU BARB!!!!!! Nice blog too *kisses you*

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