Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 2:13 AM


hey my hunty Buns..i was feeling real depress earlier but,i feel much better now i after i went to the park alone listening to Nicki ,with the wind blowing in my hair ,hearing the birds chirp & the children play , feeling free & watching the couples boo love with was soo peaceful..can you picture that barbz? peace?happiness? love?>>>>>>>>> yeesss i wish...i had to clear my head today bullshit,no drama,no hate...just love & peace & thinking about pretty confuse about myself lately i dont who i am or what i am .bi or straight?..all i know is im lovable,sweet,& caring..& i hate when people tell me other wise..i mean i know i can be a bitch at times..but,i wont be one for no reason.i hate when people judge or assume something of somebody why cant this world me peaceful ? why are people so scared to be themself?..cause....the world is full with judgemental people...i wish the world was just full of peace ,love, & harmony...have you ever just blocked the world out with your music ? or ever turned off your phone for 3 or more days ?..thats what im plan on doing one day & just write..yes i write songs & qoutes or just how i feel..when i write i feel free & alive ..i love to write. tired of all the negativity..i just dont want to deal with that anymore! my quenn said "i have beef with nobody,life is too short" yes Nicki i know thats right!..i had the time of my life with my girlies last night!!! luv dem to dealth....especially mya>>>>>>>> that is my bitch!!! we stayed outside until 12 talking about some real deep shit ...i feel inlove...everytime im with my friends ..i feel loved & wanted & they give me sooo much life

my songs: always think of you,turn up,im through & one im working on now called kisses

listen to me chilrren, dont be afraid to block the world out.... like cutting off your phone for a few days, scary ?hard? ikr but, we need to make time for ourselfs ..& figure out who we are & time too think about life, trust me gyals when times get rough.just sourround yourself with people who love & who love & care about you...

what is love?
love cant be bought
love can not be decribe in words
love is not heard
lov is not being inlove

*kisses my loves to sleep & tell to be peaceful & to think about love & love others*

  1. Girls love Nicki avatar

    On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 6:08 PM, Girls love Nicki said:

    thanks barb! muah! xxoxox

  2. BaddestBitchh avatar

    On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 5:57 PM, BaddestBitchh said:

    BEAAUTIFUL writing I believe in every singleee wrld der it has deep meaninsss!!! OMG LOVE IT!! Xoox

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