Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:35 AM


hello my pretty young things!! imma talk about-..mmh...idk what imma talk about ..*shrugs*oh well imma just talk about random shit that comes to my mind..okay..soooo..oh yea my queen nicki tweeted me yesterday!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I SWEAR TO YALL ON MY LIFE I RAN IN MY BROTHER ROOM ROLLING AROUND ON HIS BED JUMPING & HUGGING ALLLL OVER HIM WHEN I SAW HER IN MY MENTIONS!! LMCOOOOOO!! I CANT WITH MYSELF BUT S/O to @pizzawithonika on twitter for helping me, I feel sooo blessedT ..thats her second time tweeting me but like heeeeeerrrrrrr 7th time noticing me!! thank yhu queen *bows down*...oh & CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on PINK FRIDAY& ROMAN RELOADED IN ROCOGNITION OF ACHIEVING PLATINUM SALES IN NEW ZEALAND!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! BIIIIIIIITTTTCCCHHHH!!! #MMUUUAAAAHHHH!!! YEESSSSS HUNTY WERK! xoxo im so im so im so im so im so im so proud of YOU !! CONGRATULATIONS bew bew!! you derserve it #workhardanddontforgettoshakeyourtitts #mmuahh !! #RealTness changed my life forever & i thank god for you errday like..idk what i will do feels like i already know you...your mom & sister to me but (sisters dont breast feed there sisters) ctfu!!...the BARBZ are the luckiest fan base in the world, we have the best queen ever who devotes herself to her music and her BARBZ ..from every song, from every feat, from every interview, from every album,from evry video, from every performance give me life pauz. ..imma need that work out DVD you better not be joking around ma'amT..that will be life !!....i cant wait to start my career in singing & maybe rapping to become successful like my queen...i cant thank her enough...thanks mommy

remember this barbz....people come . & people go..buts that life..every ending is a New beginning..sometimes i feel like im living in this fantasy world & already living my dreamss but, im not..& its a place where i can escape & run free & just be me.. wth out a care in the world..surrounded by people that loves me & i dont want to leave..have you felt like that?..just let your imaginations run wild!..i love sleeping because dreams are way better than reality

anyway barbz imma go & watch the RE-UP DVD ...i alwsy ..get life when i watch that...*kisses da barbz goodnight & tells them to hve sweet dreams*

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    On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 3:47 PM, futureminaj said:

    yo! i fell the same way barb

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