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heeeellllooooo my sunshines !!! i missed blogging so im back & i have alot to get off my chest . mhhhmmmm...would could i say to kick it oFF ....MY BIRTHDAY COMING UP BIIITTCCHHESSS ....TURN ALL THE WAY UP...woww i cant believe im turning 16 already & i cant believe im a sophmore already feels kinda of good to turn 16 but, it all canme to fast ...espaically sophmore year like whrere did freshmen year go ? i miss being being a freshman like i just cry thinking about it ...i miss all my classmates they were perfect & funny as hell LMCCCCOOOOO!!! oh yea i finally got my belly pireced!!!!! i been wanting it forever ...i went to go get it with my bestfriend hurted only for a lil bit tho ...i lied it didnt really hurt i thought it was going to hurt waaay more like some poeple & i said but it didnt ...i guess that goes to show that you cant always take people word you just have to go find out yourself...but , its kinda of scary turning 16 espeacilly if your birthday comes up maaaad quick i was just turning 15 & now im about to be 16 october 9th LIBRA GANG HOES!!! welll im doing well in school so far i got a A on my first geomtry quiz i was so shocked i was not expected that but , i see where paying attention in class will get you & doing all your homework really helps you but, all this goddamn homework dont make no since like i have other classes like french...but OMMMMGGG FRENCH IS FCKING LIFE !!! I LOVE LEARNING FRENCH I BEEN WANTING TO TAKE IT FOREVER & now im finally learning it its a dream come true but, teachers take forever to put in grades but be thirsty than a mf to put that 0 in .....anywhore OMG!!! IMMAA BE A AUNTY AGAIN TO A NEW BORN BABY BOY I CANT WAIT !!

OKAY now i have to get deep in my feelings ..i been really depressed lately about everythingi was actually crying about it the other day like i really hate time people say i get what i want even tho i know its true ,,i really wanna iphone but i cant get until january yea yea income tax time!! but it seems like i cant never be happy ..dont you feel like everytime you happy something happens to get you upset? thats happens to me all the time thats why im sooo afraid to be happy ..i remember it was just me & him late night conversations on the phone we stayed up all night on those long weekends i was always there for him but, i never saw that you always there for me but he never realized that . the only time he reconized me was when he was taken i miss those days he didnt change he just grew up and i blame myself for not realizing how he felt about me when he held my hand walking home that night on the bench when he touched me ,all those raining nights *laughs* yea i remember but do he? i think im in love with him all i do is dream & think about him , i wanna be with but, he said not right now, i guess we been through alot of shit & just ...ugghh!! everytime i hear a love song all i could do is picture his face in my head i wish he knew how i felt about him..i just need to tell him i wanna be with him.its a officAL my feelings for him will never go away.why cant he jst be mines?
theres always that one boy that youll always have feelings for..i dont think i will never be over him everytime i see him or hear his voice just....sometimes a simple "i love you" changes everything..i want a boyfriend that i can play the game with , cuddle while watching movies & my favorite shows & have lil cute arguments


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