Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 5:48 AM


I am what i am yeah i do what i want im sorry if you dont like it do you think it would be my fault .Well sorry that You dont like me i dont smoke weed everyday no its cools you down make you feel like you never have!!
I like boys currently not in a relationship but thats because we are out of school.But i love boys who are sweet; funny;sexy;respectful to their mom!! But regardless. I love partying its like letting loose the only place were i can dance without someone complaining !!My life is pretty interesting but kinda confusing if you knew me you would be like huh this chixx is weird But i love me and everybody else that know me Loves me so ..GAL and leave mine alone!!(JP) HAHA Deuces hit this chick up so we can talk and relate and conteplate!! hahahaa..And i love rapping and i can flow like no person ever seen and not one cuss word come out of my mouthh!! Wooo #TEAMFLOWINGLIKENICKI

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