Thu, May 10, 2012 at 2:39 PM

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Okay so from now on everyday Imma listen to a Nicki Song a day nd post boutt it ! Sounds funn rite?? Well Todays song is Come On A Cone! Ahhha oka. This song is BOMB its like Nicki has gone like straight up with us! Rittee! Cause Imean Ithink she was forreal when she said she was sittin wit Anna! I mean ther aint no punchlinee!! Bitchez are dilerious!! Aitee sO who agree dat if we dont get Nicki it wouldnt be da same? Rittee! Shake ma head yo Im mad! Iknow her ice is soo cold it should come on a cone!! Ahhha! Kepp it on da d-low! Haaaa! I just got a ghostt nd Im callin him Casper! And Im Not Masterbating! DICK IN YOUR FACE! PUT MY DICK IN YOUR FACE! Ahhhhaaa! Me nd Ma NickiTwin Be sayin datt Akk Day Longg!!

Nd dnt wrry Imma listen 2more den 1 Nicki Sng A Dayy!


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