Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 2:46 AM

Alter Ego's

Now Nicki may have alter ego's but i have some of my own.....let me tell you about them: Quasha thats regular me shes fun outgoing cool to be around....Barbie: shes the sweet girly me shes nice its funny cause she actually was well is a nickname ever since i got the chain....Mrs.Neverson: shes crazy in love obessed with Trey Songz in love Trey's Angel TEAM SONGZ 4 EVER....Lil Miss Nicki Minaj: shes the insane in love wanna be like Nicki truely in love with Nicki Minaj TEAM MINAJ ALL DAY....Princess Ashley: She is a domincan princess she loves to shop party dance and sing royalty....Crazy Jonnie: he is a crazy little boy who was an orphan but hes crazy in a good way hes friendly but has a bad attitude....Carter: he is very evil and spoiled i dont like him much hes like Nicki's Roman except his dad left and was never there and i think thats why hes so mad....Charles: him he is cookey and a big clown he likes to play around alot very talkitive....Martina: shes Charles aunt and she is a serious realistic woman who is very smart....Verche: he is Charles uncle their Italian he is a money maker hes confident loyal and understanding....last but not least Krystal: she is a very serious business woman she is mean smart and doesnt play games....also Carter and Ashley their twins and their British....well thats all for now....

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