Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 4:58 PM


think they can bring you down but they cant cause their not strong enough....why u may ask....because everytime we do good they get weak but when we start to give up and fail they get strong cause thats what they want but we dont let that happen u do realize that they give u attention so it just helps us n in the long run everybody wins....u may say it doesnt sound Nicki says in ''Still I Rise''...I LOSE U LOSE...see if u understand that then it makes perfect sence cause if we fail n fall off the haters have nothing or no one to hate on so we both fall...but if were shining on top the haters have plenty to boost off of so we both win i can bet that half the people that is friends with u on Facebook n other stuff n the ones following u on Twitter are haters they just add you to see wat u doin them be the ones that stay on your page all day waiting for u to put something then they wanna put slick azz comments like trick if u gonna try n play me why the hell u send me a go get a life leave me the hell alone like all i did was post ''Today it was hot welp im bout to go to bed'' day i see a comment saying:''Thats right u ugly hoe u dont scare nobody i hope you fall off a cliff u hatin trick''....wait a minute what do that got to do with goin to sleep see but thats what they do....say dumb stuff for nothing...i dont get it but yeah....

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