Tue, May 7, 2013 at 9:36 AM

Last Chance

As I sit on my porch this morning, still enthralled by the display of God's might (the Eta Aquarids), I think to myself...what is going on in society today? The lawlessness, lack of loyalty, disrespect and degradation, lack of unity and immense ENVY is ever evident. The fact that honest hearted people are the ones who face the most adversity is disturbing. But, I digress...the title of this blog is last chance, for good reason. I have accepted the fact that there is "nobody that I could just depend on, until I touch down in the in zone"...and have accepted my reality. I am a TRAILBLAZER. Those around me who try to suppress me will be the very ones to inadvertently benefit from MY success. But like Nick said in Freedom, their spirits are UNGRATEFUL. And even with all of the aforementioned, I still have love for every single one of em. People are no more than a product of their experiences, so to expect anything out of their norm is unfair. We all have flaws, imperfections that stifle us in one form or another. But what sets US aside, BARB nation, is the fact that our idol, ONIKA TANYA MARAJ, behooves us to work on those imperfections. Striving to better ourselves, and distinguish ourselves in this sick and deceiving game we're forced to play to survive. Take personal responsibility for your life, your fate. Placing blame, or allowing others to take what rightfully belongs to you- your soul, innocence, and childlike creativity- does nothing for you in the physical world. Be a master of your own fate, take a stance and defend your beliefs with everything you have. End rant.

p.s. (And then they come out like ROACHES, pu-pu-pickin' away like ROACHES. But little did they know, distribute the payroll! Pick out the outfit, PICK OUT THE SANDAL!) Bwahhahahaha


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