Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 12:25 AM

This is for everyone that thinks they can't do it ..

Everyone has there wishes. Some people's dreams to be a champion in extreme sports, like me i'm in motocross. Some people dream to be rappers (Me), singers, actors, etc. I want everyone that has dreams this big, to never back down, keep trying even if other people don't think you can succeed, because you know you can. Let them haters hate, there's nothing that they can tell you. Keep dreaming big, never back down. Eventually one day, you'll inspire someone. (: People keep telling me that they can't do it. Yes, you can don't yourself down like that, you can do it, you can't succeed, unless you believe in yourself <3 (:

-Love Y'all . You can do this (:

Brooke <3

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