Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 10:40 AM

In school ..

Well my teacher Mrs. Byrne, doesn't really like Nicki Minaj. So i'm trying to get her to like her. So I told her to watch the Re-Up DVD, well she did, she didn't take it home to watch it, she sat in her classroom with a class of students, well she watched it throughout the period, everyone loved it, and there was cussing in it, and yeah she's like , "Brooke!, it had cussing in it!" I''m like "Well you didn't ask if it did, so I thought you knew there was gonna be cussin in it". She's like "Haha well I loved the video, and so didn't the class lol"> I'm like "So do you like Nicki yet?!" She said "Yeah i guess so". Lol and that's how my teacher finally started likeing Nicki haha (: !

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