Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 10:09 AM

Going to the YMCA with my Nicki Minaj shirt .. LOL

I wear my Nicki Minaj shirts when i work out, so i have her with me everywhere i go (: , and when i walk around, people give me these like .. shitty ass looks just cause i got Nicki on my shirt... There just hatein cause they don't have my swag, and they aint got Nicki on their shirts like I do (: Them haters give me them looks, then fine I will wear more Minaj shit there, my confidence is so high , they aint bringing me down for who i like. #BitchesBackTheFuckUp
#TeamMinaj #PrettyGangMakinNoise #Bitches ain't shit, and they ain't sayin' nuthin',
#A hundred muthafuckas can't tell me nuthin'

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