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My inspiration by Nicki Minaj [OPINION]

By: Rafulous

Nicki Minaj, a simple girl, beautiful and funny. An exceptional singer on musical styles and mostly original.

It will make about two years, I met Nicki Minaj, just when pulled Massive Atack and Your Love, two of his best songs over and over with Sean Garrett simple song (Your Love). I loved and decided to search and inquire about it, there was just beginning his career as a singer and I was delighted. I decided to keep looking for his songs and watch if pulled by a song or video on your channel. The next thing I saw was another single that Super Bass devastation because victory was long and was listed 100 Youtube some time (and currently it is but I'm wrong). When I found out I got Fly with Rihanna died, Rihanna is one of the bands I liked at that time along with other artists. and to do a song with her charm me. After a while he took out his new album 'Roman Reloaded' which I liked all the songs, some less than others but then eventually I was enjoying it more. Nicki receives many daily reviews of which I like a lot because it is so nice to try a singer, that the saying 'do not treat others as you would have they treated you' Nicki Minaj is on the way right to victory and to triumph and hope you follow along with us so the Barbzs will also go a long way with our support and our love. I hope to meet you some day in a concert and so I can sign the discs that power serves and see with my own eyes!

NICKI MINAJ, WE love you and we love you!

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