Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 6:32 PM

To Hell with VICKI CARAGE im all about NICKI MINAJ

Fuck the hell out of Vicki Carage
Doesn she know the whole world is all about Nicki Minaj
The blonde bitch up in da club looking all fig
She aint met Nicki wit her million dollar wig

I Graduated at Young Money University
Bitch up in my face being fake talkin bout Diversity
She like Nicki I know u tryna 2 fit in but yo body just aint good like mine
Nd I'll b lyk bitch u didn't coz I'm barbie and my body iz naturally divine

Young boy in da street got no words to say but he be screaming out loud for all to hear : to Hell with Vicki Carage coz I'm all about Nicki Minaj
Every boy all of a sudden wanna get themselve a Barbie Doll
They begging der Mummy calling Dem Barbie askin for a dollar jus to get it all

I don't wanna sparkle my own Spotlight
But soon you'll be Screaming my name on yo sex Night

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