Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 2:57 AM

First Blog - Short and sweet

8th December 2012, best day of my life! Well, until Nicki comes back to Australia! Got to see Barbie twice. In Sydney and Perth. My luck, not only did I get to watch the last concert on the tour but it was her birthday, I got to shake Tyga's hand AND got the last pair of shorts on the tour!

Don't know if you guys can see the photo but that is the beginning of the shrine I'm building in my room! I can't even begin this blog properly cause I have SO MUCH I want to say about NICKI MINAJ (the most inspirational person in my life, besides my dad).

Making this short and sweet 'cause I gotta go make them papers... I have more interesting things to say. Promise!

Take care Barbz,
This is Remmy Baybe signing out,
Spread the word, love and music.

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