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My Mum ***Read this*** SO cute!

So it's my birthday tomorrow and my mum asked me what I wanted. I, of course, said "I want Nicki Minaj to notice me" So my mother, God bless her crazy mind and powerful soul got on Facebook and sent her this:

"Dear: Miss Nicki,

My name is Premillia Sangil from Sydney Australia. Originally I'm from the Phillippines. I grew up with 8 sibling, poor but always full of love and happiness. I also grew up always wanting a baby of my own.

My husband and I tried many times. Even going as far as modern medicine and all sorts of doctors procedures but still no luck.

With the help of our almighty God we were finally blessed and born what I call my miracle child, baby girl. I named her Remilyn Sangil.

Last year (2012) Remilyn came home very excited, of course I wondered what all the fuss was about. She screamed "Nicki Minaj is touring in Australia!!!"

Remilyn works as a carer for a disabled girl as well as an assistant to a child psychologist. The pay wasn't that great but her heart goes out to these children.

She saved all her money and put herself in a little bit of debt, why? To see her idol Nicki Minaj in Sydney, coming home with just about every bit of merchandise she could possibally carry.

Less than a week later my dear child comes home with PINK hair. In my shock and confusion I ask her what possesses my baby to do such a thing. I shouldn't have expected any less when she said "I'm travelling to Perth to see Nicki for the last concert of her tour" Off she went, all on her own but happy. And returned happy and safe. She got to celebrate your birthday with you, I believe.

Why am I writing to you? You don't know me, but as a mother to see my daughters (I have 2 others) happy is another great achievement in my life.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you a favour.

PLEASE NICKI, just a hello from you would do. Twitter @Remmy_Baybe @Remilyn_sangil or even Facebook. It's her birthday MARCH 16TH, she'll be 25. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she jokingly said "for Nicki to notice me"

With Remilyn's influence my entire family are your big fans and with your influence I believe all the lessons that my husband and I have tried to teach our daughter made sense and it all shows whenever my baby wakes up and powers on every morning.

I really hope you read this, in time or at all.

Bye for now Miss Nicki and most of all more power and hope my daughter, Remilyn will hear from you"

Realistically, I won't hear from Nicki but my mum's efforts is a gift in itself. I grew up in the heart of Sydney and I've met many different people and I can confidently say that I have one of the AWESOMEST mothers in the world. Right next to NIcki's mum, obviously for giving birth to the illest bitch alive!

This is Remmy signing out!


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    On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 1:41 PM, ReeceyLuvsNicki said:

    This is really beautiful, may god bless your mom! :)

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