Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 2:54 AM

Nicki Minaj it's my life, But..!


Lately I'm thinking that maybe some people think that I have to write in My Pink Friday Acc about Onika, but Personally I think that this is a space for be how really are us.... and sorry if my blog isn't 100% Nicki, but I want think someone read my publications....

For a long time i have things in my heart that make me Very unhappy, and I see this space like a wall in white that only wait for my story!!!

Sorry Barbz and kenz!! But this is my plataform for help people and tell to you my story!!!
I hope that every i posted make you feel a little bit in company and close to me, because i don't have friends doesn't mean that i don't want friends.

just I want meet people that really like me for my heart and not for other things!!!!

This doesn't mean that I don write about Nicki ¬°OBIOUSLY!. Because She save my life!!! and soon I'm gonna upload my story about this and hope you like my Blog!!!

Love you Barbz!! :)

Juan Mesa
Twitter: @Rjuanpmesa

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