Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 4:08 AM

It's our life!!


today i have to tell you that i have an amazing opportunity to model in one of the best agency in Colombia! and my parents don't support me..

Sometimes i think that they don't like that I do things that are a little inusuales for them and in the family. This make me think if I want live the life that they wants, or write my own and crazy story?

Sometimes in life you have to choose a hard decision and if you choose the wrong one, you pay for the rest of your life!!

I think if i choose the wrong one and is the thing that I always want to do, I'm be very happy of make the mistake. because that is all about life, start in the ground and finish in the top of you life or fall again. but is life!

this life is 15 minutes! and the time pass so fast that if you don't do the things that you always want, you be very upset and dissapoint of yourself.!

So, Let's make the Wrong things!!!


Juan Mesa
Twitter: @Rjuanpmesa
Facebook: Juanpmesac

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