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FriendZone Part 1

Where oh where shall i start lets see well.... friday a day i thought that was suppose to be bestfriend day between me and my bestie Turnt out a disaster. well lets start my journey, friday i met up with my bestfriend to go back to school shopp'n with but also he planned that day out in his head for me also. as a late birthday gift since he was out the country, from the beginning it was cool but as the day went on it slowly became very very very annoying, & irritating to be around him. i dont take smartness to kind or trynna play with me to lightly 7he know that but kept tryn it ( which almost got him cursed out & smacked 4x). we arrive at the first mall of the day after all these small unneccessary stops by then my patience was gone. the entire time in the mall we going back & forth, not speaking, etc etc. he was getting upset with me not helping him shop but i mean anyone would to if u keep going to small stands trying sample products and not going to buy nthn.( thats erky to me). he finished his shopp'n at that mall, so we went to another mall where we was going to go eat dinner at. we walked, fussed (again), shop, etc etc. so once we finished shop'n i all we go to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat. he ask me do i want something he picked off the menu i said ''NO'' then he say well im paying. mind you the waitress is there i was about to go in on his ass cause he been saying ''well im paying''' all day throw'n it in my face like ima b*tch. so we ordered something while eating we didn't speak not one bit he tried to but i killed that conversation cause i didnt want to hear his voice. but after 20mins got over it and we was back to being cool and was enjoying the rest of the night. we finished eating ( Scream'n Nacho burger ) best burger i ever ate lol. dinner was cool but wished it was better but this is the end of part 1..... part 2 coming soon lol

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