Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 3:29 PM

FriendZone Part 3 (Finale)

I have good News & i have Bad News ohkaii so that threw me off and my smile turned into a very upset looks. something told me something was up all day but i didnt want to believe it but turnz out to be true. but are yall ready here it goes the BIG FINALE!!!!.... * Drum Roll* my bestfriend told me the dude wasn't coming thats the bad news, and the good news was he wanted me to sit down so he can pull out my surprise. this nigga pulled out a full two page front to back on both page letter. in my head im like OOOOOOOOW Sh*t i know where this is going. so he gets to reading the letter expressing how he feel about me from day1 we met to the present. i thought it was cute but i was laughing while he was reading it to me. i found it funny cause i couldn't believe he was being extra taking his time reading it but also he had deeper feelings for me then i expected. in the letter he told me he love me, he cant tell if we friends or boyfriendz ( which i dont understand -__- Really), he gets butterflies every time he see me, etc etc the letter was a lot. at the end of the letter i told him i don't wanna be no more then friends, i dont look at him as a boyfriend, if we was to take it there it wouldn't last cause we always going back & forth and he annoys me 98% of the time its a lot i don't like about him that makes me not like him in that way. but also sorry boo boo u stuck in the friendzone it was never feelings there for you. i told him im not the one for him his dude he looking for is not me only time will bring him to you. but once i finished telling him how i felt he took out a necklace ( i think was a token of us taking things further) and threw that sh*t at me, picked his bags up and walked off. i havent spoke to him ever since and i wont be for a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. the dude he was setting me up with was him himself *SHOCKER* .personally i felt like i was being punk'd & was on a episode of friendzone on MTV cause this day was well planned out. that night i was confused,irritated, and mad all in one at him and about the situation. i called 3 friends to get advice only one helped ( gay dudes are a waste for help lol). i just feel like he kill'd our friendship by doing his action i don't wanna speak or see him no more kinda for a good minute. if we do become friends again things wont be the same. he was looking at our friendship froma different eye from me. im a very caring, kind hearted person and i guess he took that as me liking him but NO NO NO NO NO thats jus me as a person. also i told hiMi didnt want no relationship constantly and repeatedly, non stop and i guess he thought he was special. oh and finally another shocker this day was suppose to be a late Bday gift so in my mind i thought about it and was like u would have ruined my bday by doing this secret love thing. one last thing is idk how to feel anymore about this situation or him. our friendship maybe down the drain cause how can i be friends with someone who is madly in love with me..

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    On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 6:55 PM, futureminaj said:

    omg thats so sweet /wth/ omg
    i cant with you

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