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Random Rant

i really dont understand this lil kim V. Nicki Minaj fan beef, i see no point to it because before Nicki there was lil kim. and everybody was riding her d*ck. rapping her songs, listening to her music etc etc ( yall get the point). now that she layed how for sum years and Nicki Minaj Surfaced as the New Queen of Hip Hop/Rap every1 want to turn on Lil kim. Thats BS *Str8 up*. we all kno Nicki didn't steal lil Kim swag Who promoted the lil kim Swag/ Persona Was diddy. her first record label was ''Dirty Money''. Nicki Minaj said Lil Kim was her IDol & the ppl behind the music ranned with it and made Nicki Steal her swag. it soooooooooooo... many videos and pics to prove the similarity and no matter how hard #TeamMinaj want to deny that Lil Kim is a Bum or Nicki Didnt copy Lil kim when Acttually she did. wasn't her fault but when the Ppl behind the music finds what sells they will act off of it. so happen making a modern day female MC such as Kim, Nicki Minaj is now that B*tch to be fucked with. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Nicki to death but i also recognize real sh*t. i jus dont get why ppl cant seem to like Nicki & Kim both and not seperate. lil kim in her lane & Nicki in her lane Winning so yeah Get over It the Beef Is Squashed....

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