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I love how Ppl have all these opinions about me, honestly is it wrong IDGAF cause one thing about me is I'm a very hard person to figure out. I'm very random,I stay Spaced Out, I speak my mind,i don't like ppl (ik thats weird to say)Etc etc. it's a lot that makes me who i am, it;s not good but i'm a working progress. but i noticed that ppl care to much about appearance to much. what is it about appearance that makes this the #1 Issue. i look at myself as a Realist cause i dont care about my appearance, one i'm a cancer i dress how i feel and i love to be that weird person. i dont like to fit in, i stand a lone in every aspec of life but ppl seem to feel some type of way about me n how or what do or say. opinions are like tongues keep them to yourself. #Random

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    On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 1:51 PM, Viintag3_KenBarb said:

    ain't that the truth

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    On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 11:49 AM, futureminaj said:

    thats right right baby boi!
    werk werk werk hahahaha

    no but frfr ur u n ppl will love u 4 it
    my thing is if u dont like it u just aint go like it bc ive learned that u cant please evreyone ur u 4 a reason
    u may think oh imma try to change this
    no! no,no u cant ur u if they dnt like it than fuggem

    thats what i think
    i like opinions to better what ever im doin but nt just to hear it :/

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