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Its true, I Love Nicki Minaj With All Of My Heart. She Is An Amazing Artist With The Dopest Personality && I Would Love To Meet Her One Dayy.
"Its Not Your Fault Ima Bitch , Ima MONSTER " But Becus You Look Past It all && You Accept ME For The Person That I Am , I Love You
11.22.10 History Will be Made
#ItsBarbieBitch !! >;)
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  1. mizzbeautybaby avatar

    On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 6:49 PM, mizzbeautybaby said:

    thats why nicki is the queen because she has that fuck the world attitude. no matter what others say about her she still walks with her head held high....no one should care what others say abou them....hey they talked about god and he died for thier sins...and guess what they still talk about him. u will die trying to meet others expectations. thats why u should live up to ur own expectations. i freaking love and adore nicki for being smart and business savy for taking hold of her career...cuz i know of artist like the pussy cat dolls, cassi, and many other artist whoo put there careers in the hand of someone else and flopped like a pancake. i love the fact she dosent let people fuck her over. i also like the fact that she took her time and waited for the deal that meet her needs and want came her way instead of signing the first deal she recieved.the ones that are hating on nicki could actually learn alot from her. i am certain she will make it far because shes in the right mind set. shes treating this as a business. searching for whats going to advance her. not whats going give her lable money. thats why i freaking love her shes about her money and whats goning to benifit nicki and her fans. we truly do eat sleep and breath nicki #pauz! i know she finds it crazy how we always know where she is. how she treated like a mother to many of #Teamminaj. it really was emotional because the world got to see how she has grown as and artist and performer. she is truly humble...when every i see her on tv i just wanna reach out and hug her. its as if she can do no wrong....i believe every artist should treat each performace like its there last.....i cannot wait until she dose her very own tour. i have been saving for my m4l.....i was very upset that the bittany tour wasnt coming to baltimore b/c i really want meet nicki....i guess god has much bigger and more exciting m4l instore for me.....

    btw: i almost cried laughning when i saw nickis face when her boob popped out. she was so embarressed from the looks of it but she never stopped dancing or singing...now thats a artist that will ride for her fans....i guess we can say #nicenipplesnicki IS BACK! lol! #LIFE!

  2. Pink_Minaj_ avatar

    On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 1:11 AM, Pink_Minaj_ said:

    Hey Barb :) Love Uur Page!

  3. mizzbeautybaby avatar

    On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 10:12 PM, mizzbeautybaby said:

    thanks i freaking adore u too.....like ur comments leterally give me life.....the fact that u are apart of my team gives me life...also that u have the same view as me on diffrent situations....she truely is making history. i enjoy the fact that she lets us know that it is ok to be urself.dont follow the rule set ur own. i freaking love her for letting me know its ok to be me! u can truely tell she puts her heart into her work because its like her whole world lights up when she gets on stage and see her barbz going hard for her while shes presenting this wonderful work of art. i love the fact she tells u like it is cuz....i believe it hurts once to hear the truthbut it hurts a life time to hear a lie.the fact that nicki is freaking awasome and amazing beyond words u have no choice but to respect her grind. the ones that bash her secreatly wish to be where she is. they hope to someday be the great person she is....those that bash her dont take the time and read about all the great things she has done. instead they read all the lie tmz come up with trying to make nicki look bad.....#teamminaj till the death of me....today nicki made me so proud of her that i cried she gave GMA a show that they will never for get.....she really showed the world why she is truly the queen. #teamminaj #teamnicki #barbz #lifeuponelife #fuckthemedia

  4. mizzbeautybaby avatar

    On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 1:50 AM, mizzbeautybaby said:

    i agree with u nicki is phenomenal thats the only way to describe someone as great as she is. i luved watching and following nicki since the come up DVD....i enjoyed watching her grow as a person and a entertainer....i have come to notice that theres no one category that u can place nicki into shes her very own genre.i luv the fact that she stays grinding and dose not let others discourage her...i luv her cuz i can really relate like i can no other artist....no matter whats said she still keeps her head up. alot of people ask why would u look up to someone with the last name minaj....i always say despite that she and educated and hardworking women. if i have not learned anything else from her it grinding is the only way ur gonna make it and that u decide ur future.thats what i tired to say but clearly some point along the way some of teamminaj forgot that we are all here to luv, respect , and support nicki.

    #BTW: i luv writting u....we always have the same opinion on topics...believe it or not ur the only person in teamminaj that i actually talk too....#itzbarbiebitch!

  5. mizzbeautybaby avatar

    On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 8:37 PM, mizzbeautybaby said:

    lol i have been gone for a while myself...been really busy trying to make this money...thats what im saying i cannot name one person that has every work with nicki thats said she not about her grind.....she lets it be known that she love to have fun but at the end of the day shes about her paper....that i why i respect her hustle cuz she never lets any decides where her career goes for she make the decisions and she sticks with them. i think nicki is one of the few celeberties out here today that has not had any stories written about her not knowing how to handle her business/ career.... i have read about so many artist careers being screwed up letting others make decisions for them. i tried to make it clear that to be TM u dont only have to support nicki u can support others as well......i have read alot of TM tweets where they have been saying that i u support anyone other than nicki then ur not TM...WTF! clearly im a ride or die nicki fan but im also a ride or die beyonce fan....that dose not change the way i feel about nicki at all.....but hey some of TM is too small minded to think that way....

    BTW: thanks i work really hard on my page...i put all my favorite nicki songs on my page. i still have more songs to add though......u have a wonderful page too twin.....#barbieluv #teamminaj

  6. OhMyMinajxo avatar

    On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 4:24 PM, OhMyMinajxo said:


  7. BARBiE iN WONDERLAND - @BarbLovesFame avatar

    On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 3:11 PM, BARBiE iN WONDERLAND - @BarbLovesFame said:

    Yeeh barbs its @MsKateBarbie I'll follow you back oxo

  8. ChocolateDoll avatar

    On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 12:11 PM, ChocolateDoll said:

    yea i'll make sure to post plenty pics up

  9. *Mrs._Minaj* avatar

    On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 5:48 AM, *Mrs._Minaj* said:

    ur welcome Barbie luv!!!! :)

  10. mizzbeautybaby avatar

    On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 2:57 AM, mizzbeautybaby said:

    ur right u gotta respect her grind! u can not knock a bad bitch and a boss thats out here paving the way for herself. leaving behind her footprints so that others can see the road she has taken. i respect nicki 110% for all that she has done.word or actions can not even explain how proud i am of how far she has come....its hard out there trying to make and she has made it.....

    ps.u welcom twin....btw u really should go to the loud concert u dont even have to by floor seats and u still will enjoy urself. cuz i was at the very top and i had a ball she gave a show that i will never for get....it was a moment 4 life...go barb go! who ever said u could only like on artist. some of tm seem to think that u can only like nicki if ur apart of tm....i happen to love lots of other artist like rihanna, beyonce, and ciara just to name a few.

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