Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 2:38 PM

Super Bass Premiere Cancellation (Sound Off)

I'm really bummed that Super Bass Didnt premiere yesterday on BET. it just doesnt make sense to me at all. Why on earth would you show a VIPeek of it if you dont want it on ur show to even begin with? It causes more and more confusion amongst the fans and frankly it just causes bad publicity for BET alone. I mean to show a sneak peek of it, havent you have gotten the chance to review and look over it and make the go ahead ? And to do something like that to a woman who has done so much for bET and shown so much love to them all ?
It makes no sense for her vid not to premiere when they practically show pornographic vids alreaady on there -_- so she has curves and what ?? at least she's not prancing around in a bra and barely there shorts ! she's practically showing a cute side of her, so what's wrong with that ?
Isn't BET supposed to be all about helping to uplift black people as a whole and getting their career started? What happened to the unity? what happened to it being all about the music and not just 'shows' ??
And for the people that were out there bashing Nicki because of all this you should REALLY be ashamed of yourself ! she WANTED the vid to premiere just as much as WE did but you dont see her complaining about it or being unrational! yes we have the right to be angry and upset but DONT bash nicki in the process -_- that's NOT #TeamMinaj behaivor at ALL !
if you have your own opinion on this please sound off in the comments below.

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