Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 10:37 PM

!PINK FRIDAY! (My Review)

Hmmmmm How can i describe the number one album point Blank PERIOD?? The album that never requires me to skip a track ? The Album That's Still On Repeat ? The Album That I Pushed My Way Through Crowds in about 4 stores just to get it on the exact day it came out ?? There's No Way To Describe the magnificence of this album , however i do have some good opinions of it.

1. I Think Nicki Is A Phenomenal Artist That Did A Phenomenal job Working On This Album && The Tracks For It
2. I Believe That This A;bum was Filled With Lots Of Creativity Which Drew Me In Very Quickly.
3. The Album Artwork Is STUNNING!
4. the songs were unexpected in a good way.
5. When It Comes To Nicki Minaj , Never EVER underestimate her EVER !
Well Thats All Folks ! You Can Place Your Own Opinions Of The cd In Ur Comments or Rate this. whatever floats ur boat xD.
Peace && Love
Dijahh !

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