Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 11:01 PM

Just A Rant

So ive been doing some observing over that last few days and i think i have came to a conclusion about something that has bothered me for a while. Im usually not on twitter alot because of the simple fact that Team Minaj is DRAMA. To much drama for me. For a while ive been on twitter, not tweeting just observing. And what i observed is that Team Minaj is not only drama, but alot of them are mean and cyber bullies. Im not saying all of Team Minaj is mean, but alot of them are, and thats something i do not, and will not tolerate. Like just mean for no reason. I think my final decision was made last night when the whole Kreayshawn incident occurred. Like the comment she made wasnt mean or dissing Nicki in any type of way. And for people to go as far as telling her to die was just disgusting to me. Like for what, just because you dont like someone or their music dosnt mean they deserve to die. Team Minaj is supposed to be here to support Nicki and her music, not to bash other people who dont like her, bash her rivals, or other female rappers who arent as good as Nicki. They are all humans too. As much as I dont like Lil Kim, I have never spoke ill of her for no reason, or picked fights with her fans, even when they are talking shit in my mentions. Im a grown ass woman and ITS JUST TWITTER!! i dont have time to be bickering, arguing, going back and forth with non factor ass people. If you're not in my REAL life, then whatever you put on twitter about me i could care less. Another thing I really cant stand is this 'exposing' thing. I understand exposing a fake fan, but exposing someone on your 'team' for posting something on facebook that supposedly wasnt supposed to be on facebook, like come on now for what? dont you have better things to do with your life. Just because someone put Nicki's blog on thier facebook dosnt make them a CF. A CF wouldent have understood the blog in the first place so does it matter if it was on faceebook or not.

Right now i can honestly say i am disgusted at what Team Minaj has become. Yes, There are some people in Team Minaj that this does not apply to, but it applies to to many for me. Therefor I've decided that I no longer want to be classified as Team Minaj. DONT GET ME WRONG THOUGH!! I Will still continue to stan for Nicki as I have been. i will continue to support Nicki, Her music and what she stands for. I will continue to have a great amount of love for Nicki and she will always have a special place in my heart. Call me what you want, Go ahead and "Expose" me. Go ahead and tell Nicki to unfollow me. I truly dont give a fuck. My love for Nicki Will never change, and like I said i will continue to stan for Nicki on my own, and with Team Minaj members I know personally. I WILL NOT stan for Team Minaj, and that is my final decision. And for those wanting to "expose" me for being what ever you're going to lable me as, my twitter is @BarbiieTaylored and my facebook is

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