Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 9:30 PM

Nicki Minaj * Ass Chest and Everything*

By: BarbzHQ

The Title speaks for it self and you all know bout ppl keep talking shit about her and dat AINT rite so why they CAN stop NUN but HATTERs hatin on wat she got. Anyway I Hate when ppl talk about her ass chest and everything about her so WHY cant stop like that her body ad she can do wat the fuck she want to do with her body and she ddnt do anything to her ass and chest tko make em big. The reason why they are big is b/c they grow just like everybody u dont always have to have needles in u to look good. So Nicki all she is being a Natural Chick Who Raps and Sings. Piont Blank And thats it if anymore HATTERs come at me again like that ima rite son more. Even tho i dont knw her that well sshe seems like a NICE and FUN person to be with. It Barbie Bitch..haha

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