Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 8:15 AM


When I become famous with my friend, sister, and cousin could yall please support us? I know this sounds crazy but we need your help. We have alot of crazy good raps and would like to share it to the musical world. Not all of them are raps but they're good songs. Please help us. If i can get alot of respect and support, everytime someone comments on this we will do a shout out when we have concerts, interviews, and maybe on our videos. I promise you will love us. We are trying to get there and we're pretty close. All we need is for someone to discover us and when that happens I promise that we will make a shout out. This isn't those "I want to be famous but have no talent" kind of thing. All of us have a talent and we are good at it. Please help us.

Thanks barbs and ken barbs

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