Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Soooo happy :-D

Sooo i seen Nicki live again on Saturday! She is the best live!
So here we was queuing to see Nicki from like 11am, we got inside and i made it to second row! Was so pleased! :-D But somehow half way through i was like 4 rows back (which i was pissed off about) but fortunately after me and Nicki rapped Roman in Moscow together i did a love heart sign with my hands and Nicki seen me!!!!! Omg, and then in her british accent she was all like "Hey you, yeah you doing the love heart. Come here" so here i am like spazzing, everyones screaming.. I get to the front, Nicki asks me my name and then is like "You remind me, remind me of that boy from harry potter" Lmaoooo this is why i love her! Now im front row going crazy! Then to top it off she comes out with Starships ooooh shit! Half way through starships she see's how crazy i was going and winked at me!

It was literally the best moment in my life! It was MY MOMENT FOR LIFE

But to top it off, yesterday (28/10/12) i tweeted Nicki like "Remember me, you called me to the front of the stage and spoke to me! AHH" and like a minute after i get a notification like "@NICKIMINAJ is now following you!" OH MY FUCKING GOD I WAS LITERALLY SPAZZING, SCREAMING AND CRYING in front of my computer! Literally the best moment ever!!

I will never forget the 27/10/12 and 28/10/12 ... Nicki, you have completed me!
I love her so much. *mwah* xxxxx

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