Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 7:57 PM

Just Hangin in There Waiting

So Pre Sale Tickets were meant to go on sale this week for Nicki in Australia well that hasnt happend we have heard no news on when she is going to Tour here again now and it's killing me to know. this time I want to take my two daughters and want meet and great all all Love the bits out of Ya Nicki!!! So not sure if I am meant to buy IF they have Meet in Greets in Melbourne am I meant to buy here or at Ticket agent. I just dont want shit seats nor miss chance for meet and greet. Whats worse is trying to have the money there for it so Im like hurry up already as money I have really should be going elsewhere but cant help that if Nicki is going to Tour now can I? Nooooo! So today it meant to be THE DAY its announced when the dates are and then Ticket Sales Man it feels liek a eternity. Yesterday I got a job Id gone for so now I am also wondering how good will they be if I have a concert to fly too? Shit I never thought of all that. I just cant miss out on this one. Well spose I better go it's my Daughters 16th today and I want to make her a special Breakfast to wake too. So good Morning from Australia and Love Ya Nicki!

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