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Team Minaj

OMG! Its About To be A Year Since i Joined Nicki's Movement On Twitter.! Been A Fan Tho. Since My Freshman yr. Oh How Time FLY i remember When I First Started NOBODY knew Me! i started out Going to meebo with TeamNickiMinaj, TeamminajNY, TeamMinajCanada, TeamminajWI SC & others. Man i remember We Sued To Stay up ALL Night Tryna Figure Out How to get Nicki to Notice Us We Thought We Would Get Her To Cal Our Talk Shoe,. Lmao That Was A Disaster.! iRemember Canada Was Planning NAD - Nicki Appreciation Day.! We AHad So Many Things Planned We Worked On That Damn Song For Like Ever Never Finished.! This Was Around The time UOMF came out ! i mean We used To VOTE our Ass Off! Then i think RogerDat Came Out. My Name Was RogerdatMistres i Changed it To RogerdatBarbie. canada Nem Wa sLike thats To much to be Typing We Gonna Call u "RDB". i Was So happy to be apart Of Something Likebthis. they were ppl who love nicki like i did ! it was amazing.! We Used to Go to MEEZ and Watch Interviews Together Dance to nicki Music Lmao we Had Some Good Times. Then Massive ATTACK.! Thats When i got my 1st Rt From SB! AnyWay i remember Nicki Went live & Me And TNm was on The Fone Spamming Nicki My Number Nshit! Tht night Was so Funny.! i remeber Telling PPl at School That NickI Was Gonna Call me! i Thought i was Gonna Be From ustream But It Wasnt Like a Week Later Nicki Called TEAM MINAJ RADIO!(original) It was April 8th.! i rember The Feeling i Had I was Freaking scared I was Shaking . All i could Tell nicki Was That i loved Her LMAO I sounded like a Groupie or Sumthing .! Anyway After That Nicki Began to call a Lot Like She'd Call EveryWeek The I was Every other Week Then EveryMonth But She Always Called even When She Wa s Tired., Zany,Sad.! Oh How I Love Her.! Like We Met So many People Thru TMR. PPl From everywhere Trinidad, UK , Cali, DC etc .! lawd Teamminaj used to be a Big Happy Family. I've Had My Share Of Bad Times In TeamMinaj. We Fight Nshit But at The End Of The day we would put it aside so nicki wouldnt see the drama nshit! i Wish it was the way it used to be.! S/o to My homies tho. All of teamminaj Elite. NY , Belly, GB,chair Janay , Ronella ,Janae, Brittany, All The PPl i fxcks WIth. Especially From da Beginning.! I Love You All ! Blahhh Blaaaahh Blahh I have Soo Much to Say! But imma Stop Lawdd I Mite Have Boocu Typos Im Too Lazy To Go See Tho -_-

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    On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 12:44 AM, Mzsassybarb99 said:

    Wow. this is amazing! I wish i would of known about Nicki back then. But Im glad yall was there for her! I started hearing her in like the end of 08' but it was like on one of Waynes mixtapes. after that, i was like who dat but i feel n luv w/ her and everything she stands for! PPl around me think im nutz but i jus feel soooo inspired to be the best me n fuk da haterz when ever i hear her gives me life! anyway.. im talikin way too much. lol ttyl

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    On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 8:21 PM, BARBIEandBRAINS said:

    its been a long ride and nicki really appreciates u dont ever forget dat

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