Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 6:44 PM

Nicki & Safaree

Lawwwddd.! U Guys Know i Love Yall right!? Well i Hope Yall do .! Smh Me & My Mouth! That seems To be The One Thing That Get Me Into TROUBLE.! i Always Say The Wrong Things . The First Time I Got into trouble i Was CRUSHEDCuz Thats Not What i was Tryna Say Or Watever. i dont Know How i Got Thru That. i Just did What i Knew To do And That Was Continue To Tweet do What i Was Here for. So much Stuff Was being Thrown My Way. Man.! But Sumhow I got Thru That, U Guys Followed Bck everything Was Back to Normal . It Felt like Freaking DejaVu This Time . I was Like daa Fuckk.! But idk Sumthing Seems diff Bout This One. Then The Blog.! ?Man Boyy did tht just.... i dnt even know howda explain that... Man i dnt even Know wat im saying... ! IM JUST DOING WAT I KNOW HOW THTS SUPPORT GO HARD N ALL THT HOPING U GUYS FORGIVE ME.! I DONT WANT YALL TO HATE ME. IM SAYING YALL LIKE IM EXPECTING YU GUYS TO SEE THIS. LOL BUT YEAH IDK MAYBE IM JUST BLABBERING OR VENTING,. I MUST SAY I DO SEE WHERE I WENT WRONG LIKE OUTSIDE OF THE tmr episode my Bad LMAO i didnt realize the caps was on oops ! i just looked up. any way yeah i see where i messed up and im working on tht with the help of sexyshybarbie[[janay] Lawwd its not easy breaking these bad habits. but im dead ass trying cuz i dnt WANNA LOSE YU GUYS FOREVER :( i actually but caps on tht time lol well im going to class. i had some down time figured i'd vent.! i guess . #LOVE

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    On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 7:46 PM, SexyShyBarbie said: this is cute

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