Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 4:42 PM

My MSG To Nicki !

“Sit down at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool!” -
Psalm 110

"Forget About You Focus on the ONE Person U Wanna Make Proud.. Its So Much Better When you can Say u know Wat im Not Gonna do this For Me Imma do This 4 Sumbody Else i wanna Make My Mother Proud I WANNA MAKE MY GRANDMOTHER PROUD BECAUSE SHE SACRIFICE SO MUCH FOR ME"

"I Speak to Gurls All the time &They walk Around With Hatred For One Of Their Parents its Ok its OK ...Thats The other Thing i Want my girls to Know Dont Dont Habor That HATE Let it Go Its Time, Its Time 4 u to step into ur OWN Stardom into...Ur Own Light into Your BLESSING But U Cant Stand There Harboring HATE You Cant"

Hola HB! OMG! Lemme Tell you That I Freakin Love YOU! Well u knew That AnyWhoo You Are My EVERYTHING ! No Seriously Like MY EVERYTHING! Being Apart of Your Team Is Really AMAZING. Its Been one HELL OF A ride Tho. When i First Started It was like i Met ppl Who Loved Yu Just as Much As i Did. i remember being In MEEBO With Canada, NY, MI, Galactic, Nadja, SC, And others We'd Talk About You For Hours . Like We'd Tryda Think About Ways To get Your Attn & Stuff We Did the Most back then. It was Fun tho. Then we Decided To Create TMR To talk to other TeamMinaj PPL never Did We Think you'd Actually call then You Did & Yu Kept calling OMG We LOVE Talking to you THANKS FOR ALL THOSE MEMORIES ! ! As The Months Went By TeamMinaj grew. I remember Staying UP ALL NIGHT Waiting For "KnockOut" "Your Love" "Right Thru Me" We used To have fun With it like Creating trending Topics & Going of on Nicki haters We REALLY Became a family.! Like Some Of The PPl i met We've become REALLY Close I LOVE Them Like Foreal.! & Its All because Of YOU THANKS HB! i Know i Made a LOT of Mistakes During this liddo Journey . i Apologize for Them , My heart be In the right place But My Words n Shxt Come Out Wrong ---_-- ANYWAY doe I WILL FOREVER Be a NICKI MINAJ FAN #KnowDAT! i LOVE YOU FOREVER & Safaree too he's My Husband Smh @ All the lil ScallyWags Tryna be All Up On him .! Dey needa SitDeynumbersignnmuhfxckingAssDizzown ! lmao Love You ! Mmuah CONTINUE TO GROW And Be The Best #teamMinaj til Da DEATH OF ME ! :-)

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    On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 3:36 AM, JessicasWorldXO said:

    Well said, Its crazy, I feel the exact same way and only Team Minaj will get it

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