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  1. too much breaks and train wrecks on idol tonight but my favs were Mushroom n the hot doctor lol n*nicki voice* "you gotta boyyyfffriiieeennnndddd"

  2. follow me barbz n i will follow u too........the hot doc is off to hollywood

  3. hey Barbz time to gear up and get ready for tonight more Queen Nicki coming our way.......... I wanna hear what u think about Nicki's nicknames, Comments and of course wardrobe and make up all a must see....yes....You know our girl gets it poppin and i can already tell tonight will not disappoint.......comment here and follow me on Twitter @: ....... ALL HAIL...

  4. Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 6:40 AM

    American Idol Charlotte auditions

    Now if you have been following the auditions we can honestly say that Queen Nicki and Randy runs this show it would not be much fun without them. Now the creative differences that occurred tonight could have been avoided if Idol's fellow judges had jus taken a moment to understand what Nicki was saying. Her opinion is vital and this is why she is on the show and she had a valid point and it...

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