Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 6:40 AM

American Idol Charlotte auditions

Now if you have been following the auditions we can honestly say that Queen Nicki and Randy runs this show it would not be much fun without them. Now the creative differences that occurred tonight could have been avoided if Idol's fellow judges had jus taken a moment to understand what Nicki was saying. Her opinion is vital and this is why she is on the show and she had a valid point and it wouldnt take a genius to see that what she was saying was a good point. Whether or not the girl's voice fits country she should have a chance to explore her range and options so branding her in auditions is limiting her possibilities. Plus it seems like we are gonna have a country winner this year again cause there are quite a few country many that the show can be renamed American Country Idol but the upside of the show...... Nicki's awesome nicknames and her facial and emotional expressions for towards these people both good and bad are as real and entertaining as it gets........who can forget how much she charmed that cute lil Asian boy who tired to sing Justin Bebier's song (oh poor baby God bless his soul) that was extremely memorable and that's jus Nicki for u. she always tries to find the good and add emphasis to it to ease their disappointment .....who remembers "who really dont fit the singing part of this show but u fit everything else' lol that was so cool. Am sure although that guy was disappointed it could not have been that bad after how Nicki handle it. am can say i am fully entertained and i crave more so i will be watching

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