Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 3:52 AM


By: SajaBarb

so i have a few options. . I am barely swaying towards two out of three but I need a lil help><
I am a rookie drag queen collecting quite a few opportunities already and I might have the chance to pack up and go and make it!! I am trapped in a small town so you understand how tempting that is for me. I also have a chance to get a preview of what it's going to be like living with my best friend!! We plan to live together in New York but for now I've got the chance to live with her here in MN. . and that sounds super fun too!!! Or I could always stay where I'm at and get my head screwed on better.
What do you think I should do?? I know it's lame to ask people I hardly know but I figure you aren't bias or tied to any one decision. Completely objective and that's how I like to make decisions so would you help me?

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