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Last night I was over my bestie's place with her cousin & her boyfriend. The nighted with us all just chilling on their queen sized bed. Including mygod-daughter who we were all playing with. So, me & the cousin were eating her Lays Stax, while my bestie & her boyfriend were playing & the baby was next to me. We finished the chips & gave my god-daughter the lid to play with since she likes grabbing & drooling on stuff & I still had the Lays Stax container next to me. So something happened were I guess the boyfriend was getting smart with my bestie, so she decided to pull on his toes. Which started it all. Then her cousin grabbed his other leg & started to tickle his foot. Then I joined in & started poking him in the ass with theLays Stax container. Lmao! We had him squirming, after a while his big ass popped the container then he snatched it from me & threw it into the baby's playpen. So, I decided to use my hand instead. Which worked even better then the container lol. & everytime he tried to pull my hand out I'd nibble on his sides then he'd spasm. Lol. But, the fun ended when I nibbled on his side & he made me accidentally hit my god-daughter in the cheek. Luckily, it was a slight tap, so she's fine. She only got startled by getting caught in the ruckus. Tonight we plan on getting him again, but this time my god-daughter will be out of harns way.

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    Lol yess!! #CottonCandyFlow #PrettyGangColors

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