Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 12:19 PM

Let's go to the beach

Yesterday, I went to the beach with my bestie. It was a awesome day. I love that boy with all my heart, we get along tremendously well & have a lot of similarities which helps make our friendship so strong. But anyways, back to the story at hand. We were at the beach together to go swimming because he randomly messaged me & asked me to join him. Once we arrive at the beach we began to walk & look for a good spot. As we're walking around we were checking out all the fine ass boys & commenting on who we considered to be attractive. The beach was covered in hot guys!! We were in white boy paradise. Once we found a spot we started to put sun screen on each other. As we did that I told my bestie, if any other gay/bi boys were around we could've put on a show for them. So, once we were covered in sun screen we went into the water, at first it felt cold, but after a few waves hit us it got a lot warmer & bearable. We're enjoying the waves & my bestie keeps diving under the waves as I let them hit me. This big wave came & this little girl was near me, this big wave double bitch slapped her! Lmfao!! When I saw that I was done. I was dying of laughter in the water then my bestie asked me what was so funny. So, I told him when that wave came the little girl had her goggles in her hands close to her face because she was about to put them on, the wave smacked her goggles in her face then another wave came right behind & smacked her in the face pushing her back. After I told him that he started dying along with me in the water. We stayed in the water for nearly an hour then went to our spot to sun bathe, as we bathed we caught a glimpse of more cute boys. & we saw this toned & tanned old man, he constantly power walked us majority of the time as we sun bathed, in total we literally saw that old man 15 times that day & not only when we sun bathed. We then migrated to another smaller part of the beach to go for a swim, it had less people, but the area was just as fun. We're back in the water now & we're just chilling & enjoying the waves again as we watch these old people jump every time a wave came. So we joined them for the hell of it lol. Then this guy came with a goofy hat came & the same thing happened again from before. My bestie dived underwater & I witnessed something funny & he catches me laughing & asks what happened. So, I told him the goofy hatted tourist was running in the water then a wave came & he tried to jump over it. He failed & the wave swooped his foot making him trip & he did a face plant into the water. After I said that my bestie bursted out laughing. In the distance I noticed some kids burying their friend, so I asked my bestie if I could bury him & he said ok. 20 mins later we get out the water & I'm burying him in the sand & just having fun being silly. I gave him a fat sand penis that looked like a fish fin & he was like OMG! I can't believe you did that lol! We're out in public to which I replied I have #NoShame. Then we went back into the water, so he could wash off all the sand & to watch people jump off a rock. Suddenly the toned old man appeared on the rock, everyone gathered around & watched. It took the old man 15 mins before he dived in, & when jumped he flailed his arms & hit the water hard. Everyone said OOOOH! then we didn't see him for the rest of the day. Later on like a good 20 mins later another old man was on the rock, he looked fragile & like he was on life alert. He kept walking back & forth on the rock. My bestie & I turned our backs for a brief second & the old man wasn't on the rock anymore, so I look down at the bottom of the rock to realize he jumped & was holding onto the rock for dear life & was trembling. It took him 10 mins before he got out of the water. I wish I watched him jump off the rock lol. So then later this dude came by & he was just walking into the water & tripped over his own foot & did a face plant into the water lofl! My bestie & I watched that & died! A few hours went by & we were nearly ready to leave, then these random sand balls came flying near us. I was lost as fuck. Then we learned it was some assholes being stupid, I had a feeling they only tried to attack us because we're gay, but we couldn't be bothered. So that was the end of our beach day & I enjoyed my time with my bestie, we may do it again. #BestieDay#BeachDay

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    On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:11 PM, SarcasticKenBarb said:

    Lmfao!!! So am I. & he was pale & shaky!! I was nervous when he was up on that rock.

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    On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:08 PM, futureminaj said:

    #life alert kmsl
    that was mad funny!
    im happy u had an amazng day:)

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