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Meeting Nic

My dream became a reality on Thursday July 19 2012, at The Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Not only did I meet my idol, Onika Tanya Maraj but I also hugged her. It was after her concert, she was on her Pink Friday Roman Reloaded, world tour. I cannot begin to describe the feelings that were streaming through my body and the thoughts that were rambling in my head. I remember questioning myself repeatedly “Is this real life?” I just knew it was a dream. I remember waiting two to three hours for her to come outside, screaming her name in all excitement. I was at a point where I was going to just sneak inside the back door of the building and find her myself.

Not to mention I also met Safaree. He is such a humble and nice person. He was entertaining us until Nic came out. I also hugged and took a picture with him. When he came out I rapped, “AYO SB WTF’s GOOD?” he came over towards me and I asked him for his autograph and gave him a hug. My sister and I then took a picture with him. I walked back to the door where he came out of with him and asked, “Where is Nicki? Can you tell her to come out please?” he told me to hold on and walked back inside the building. Out of nowhere, two bodyguards came out and laid a red carpet. I got my phone ready to take a picture and stepped back.
Nicki finally walked out wrapped in her pink robe and Hello Kitty blanket with sunglasses on. I screamed, “hey sister!” “”hey sister” she responded I could not believe it. She walked over by where some of the barbz and I were standing and said, “Hey my babies.” I yelled, “Take a picture Nic.” She responded so calmly and soft, “but I’m all wrapped up in my blankey.” Then she walked to the rest of the Barbz , I walked behind her, and strolling along behind me was her security, I felt so special. We took a group picture and I made sure I stood firmly next to her. She then said, “I love you Barbz, thank you for coming out.” and her security escorted her to her bus. I ran after her I did not want her to leave. I yelled “Nicki, don’t leave! Nooooooo!” She moved her security out the way and hugged me. At this point, I was speechless and my body became stiff. However, I still manage to smell her; the aroma on her clothes was life itself. Her skin was so soft and she was so warm and short, I just held on and walked with her. When she let go I walked away in disbelief.
That was the first time I ever met a celebrity and my idol at that. She is my idol because she inspires and encourages her fans so much. My love for her is beyond her music. From that day, I learned dreams do come true you just have to believe and chase them.

- i wrote this for my English II essay.

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    On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 9:42 AM, minajesty_ said:

    ;) touching.

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    On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 2:46 PM, BARB LEWINSKI said:

    OMG, u can't be serious!!!*__* :D

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