Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 9:36 AM

Nicki Minaj & Anna Wintour

Lets pauz on everything talk about the whole out fit! I feel like the childish barbie side of nicki came out in this outfit. ONLY Nicki can pull this off. Uncle T did wonders on her hair, as always. The blond jap.inspirted bun up do is sexy as hell! Make up was classic. The green tights were actually my fav part of the whole look. Which is funny because I hate leggings.But duh, on Nicki everything looks amazing! The feet! did anyone notice how baby small Nicki's feet is?! It makes me feel better about my small ass feet.Being that i am 23 years of age and I have size 6 feet -_- LMAO! I recall when I went on @NMinajSupport and I saw this twitpic of Nicki with Anna and SB tweeted about it about an hour ago.Saying they call her Anna!?REALL! Nicki has to have the 2012 Vogue cover! Or she is setting something up! Anna, I have much respect for,simply she built Vogue from the ground up. Yes, they were seated next together; however if you follow Nicki, you realize that they came together! Which means they have spoken and they are at least close enough to enjoy a fashion show together! I wonder if it was fate!? Truly this is a perfect example of when you say things enough and write it,things come true.TM knows in GFLD she mentions Ms. Wintour! It also makes me very happy to see people in the fashion industry regonize that Nicki isnt just a mess,she is avanguard and fearless when it comes to fashsion! CAnt wait to see Nicki on Vogue! Yes I am speaking it! IT WILL HAPPEN! YOU WATCH!

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