Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 10:06 AM

Nicki Minaj on ATM All Stars!

I recall a about 3 months ago when Team Minaj got a hold of this information via twitter.As always I went to @NMinajSupport and I found out! i nearly died! Tyra could have picked anyone on Earth to HOST THE VERY 1st ATM All Stars however she picked Nicki Minaj to HOST the VERY 1st ep.Thats an honor in itself. Thus, Tyra clearly see's what all of Team Minaj see's in Nicki. I fearless, hard working, sexy, passion, etc woman. Everything Tyra emobodies herself. I liked that Nicki was Onika at the judging table.She was honest but with a touch of Onika would peak through.People need to reaalize Nicki Minaj is a character that she embodies;however rooted is always going to be Onika. So I feel as if her thoughts, opp. and feelings are Onika more then just HB! if that makes sence. Anyhow I like how she gave each model support yet she also gave the ones that needed it some critque but in a way that they could benfit from. Nicki was also mad funny on the show. I enjoyed this alot! I know Nicki felt blessed and honored to be picked by Tyra Banks heself! :D

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