Tue, May 1, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Rick Ross ft Nicki Minaj You The Boss

Lets get one thing straight, Nicki Minaj wrote this song for Ric and it was some time ago. She gave it to him! Mr ross was smart as hell for that. The feeling when i heard this song. Words that came to mind: sexy, manly, protector, & sensual. Those words because the beat is super sexy just something you put on to get in the mood. Look at me adding nic to the baby making music playlist, lmao. I feel as this a song for a women to sing to her man, to let him kno that she understands that he got her ( or women if ur team homo like me) :D protector i feel as if this song talks about more then just sex, he is telling everyone how much he is down for this girl in the song. and Sensual because i think this song makes you wanna just grind up on someone. this song is the ish!

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